Yes, Scalpers exist. They exist even in a place like Oly…

So I got some insider information about the Iron Man movie figures a couple of days ago and I found out that they were going to be released today. So I went to the TRU a little earlier tonight and I found the big Iron Man display but the display had been raped pretty thoroughly. Seriously. It really looked like someone just went right to the display and bought everything. And it didn’t look like it was a kid or a collector. No, it looked like it was the work of a scalper who knew what he or she was doing. Luckily there was still one of each figure from the first series in the display so I was able to get all three Iron Men (he has three different suits of armor in the movie) plus a “quick change” version where you see Robert Downey Jr’s face and I got what I’m assuming is the villain of the piece (this robot suit called the “Iron Monger”).


It looks like the only figure I wasn’t able to get from Series One is the “Iron Man in Stealth Operations Suit” which is essentially War Machine and I’m fine with that because I bet that’s the only suit we really aren’t going to see in the movie.

So I’m happy I was able to get the toys that I got but I’m still kind of pissed off that some scalper had to rape the aisles of the stuff as soon as they went on sale. I mean, I know that eBay toy scalpers are pretty much everywhere but I, for some naive reason, didn’t assume they’d be in my area as I’ve always been able to find most of the stuff I want pretty easily and I never see any eBay sellers from Oly trying to pawn “rare” items for ridiculous prices.  I’m really not looking forward to possibly dealing with this scalper bullshit again come Tuesday when the figures from Transformers Animated get released.


3 comments on “Yes, Scalpers exist. They exist even in a place like Oly…

  1. I think “Steal Iron Man” is a wal0mart exclusive. I saw a whole 4x cube thing with one side full of only them.

    Of course it may be some sort of chromed variant lie the Spiderman figs they had.

  2. On the subject of scalpers. I met a guy not too long ago who essentially does this for a living. He collect Star Wars as well but he was going on and on about how he knew all the schedules for when stores updated stock and such. he had a small closet with harder to find items he was planning on putting out on ebay.

    A bit of irony was that he probably spent as much on ebay as he earned. Maybe scalpers are all just funding themselves.

    I was a bit torn with the guy. On one hand, I’ve never had a first hand friend who was a collector of toys. Star Wars isn’t my primary interest but I could definitely get together and yack with him on it. And he collected GI Joe, something I was just starting to really pick up.

    On the other hand, I disliked his scalper “profession”.

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