Not Goin’ Anywhere

I’m not like your standard geeky twenty-six year old Transformers collectors. Well…I am. But…I’m not, if that makes any sense.

I am like your standard geeky adult collectors because…well…I’m an adult who collects Transformers toys but I’m not like your standard collectors because I, as you may or may not have noticed, don’t take it too seriously. There’s nothing worse than seeing some fat geek on Youtube doing a deathly serious review of a children’s toy. Seriously. If you can name something more pathetic than that I would like to see it.

I, in other words, have a somewhat self-deprecating sense of humor about collecting toy robots. I find the humor in it and I’m secure enough to admit how geeky and sad collecting can be at times.

I, as you know, am not the only guy on the ‘net that’s like that though. The king of the self-deprecating humor involving collecting toy robots has to be Nala, the guy who runs Plastic Crack. The sad thing is though, Nala very well could be done with his site and collecting in general.

I have to say that really sucks because Nala’s self-deprecating approach to collecting makes “adult collecting” seem less geeky and/or creepy and his presence will surely be missed. As I’ve said many times before, the humorous and upbeat style in which he wrote his posts inspired me to create this blog and I’m sorry to see that he very well may be burnt out on collecting.

But don’t worry folks…I’m not going anywhere. Granted, I don’t collect as much as I used to but I still collect often enough to justify working on this site. So no worries, my fellow geeks, there are still collectors out there who can find humor in the bizarre and immature and yet entertaining world of “adult collecting.”


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