It’s not the amount of toys you have it’s what toys you have (or) There’s something people probably don’t realize when they see this site..

Every once in a while I’ll hear from someone who likes me or this site. It’s kind of like when a woman finds Michael Jackson attractive. It’s incredibly rare, but it does happen.

Anyway, the thing that people are always shocked to hear is that I actually don’t own very many Transformers or have an extensive collection.

When I was a kid my brother and I had almost every single G1 figure that was out there but over time we either broke them, lost them, sold them, gave them away or just threw them out. So we are, for the most part on our “second dynasties” right now (mine started in 2000 and I think my brother’s started this summer).

To me though it’s not about how many Transformers you have. It’s about what Transformers you have. I mean, would anyone really be that impressed if you had two hundred or so Transformers but they were all Armada and (new) movie figures and crappy repaints? Uh…not…really.

And that’s the thing. My collection’s not like that. I don’t have that many transformers but the ones I do have are what are considered some of the best transformers out there. I mean, I have Masterpiece Prime (the 2004 Prime and not the cheap-ass 2006 DVD version), Masterpiece Megatron, Masterpiece Starscream, Brave fuckin’ Maximus, Masterpiece Ultra Magnus, ’08 Bumblebee, Trypticon (in C8+ condition as well), Metroplex (also in C8+ condition) G2 Prime, the Japanese exclusive Galvatron reissue, SDCC Rodimus and a few others here and there that are rare and well-respected figures.

So, as I said, I look at it that way when the geekier and snobbier Transformers collectors try to give me a hard time. It doesn’t happen that often but it does happen. I usually silence them after I ask them if they have a MP Magnus or Brave Maximus though.

I guess what got me thinking about all of this was this post Nala made over at Plastic Crack (the hilarious and bad-ass site that inspired me to make this site) that discussed this eBay auction where this dude is selling over 1,000 Transformers. That got me thinking about how big-ass collections don’t really impress me that much anymore because having all the Armada through New Movie stuff is like, to paraphrase Waiting, “being the smartest person with Down Syndrome.”

But…yeah. If someone owned all the G1 figures from the start of the series up until they stopped making the Headmasters…that’s an impressive collection. But owning damn near everything just doesn’t wow me like it once would because the Transformers have had some shitty toylines through the years. I mean, there were a couple of cool toys here in there over the years but nothing’s been great since G1. The only lines that really come close are the Classics line and the MP line. The rest of the stuff is just hit or miss or just too stupid to buy. Why anyone would buy everything is beyond me.


One comment on “It’s not the amount of toys you have it’s what toys you have (or) There’s something people probably don’t realize when they see this site..

  1. Quality is always better than quantity with collecting, in my opinion.

    Future Transformer lines will forever be in the shadow of G1, pure and simple. I’ve been lucky to not have had a ton of money to shell out or I might be one of those “completist” types. My lack of funds keeps me in check, so I spend on ONLY on the TFs I really like accordingly.

    Some of the later lines had their moments, but they are few and far between. Like Car Robots/R.I.D. vs Beast Wars. No comparision. But then the crap Energon and their ilk….ughh.

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