Lost Boys! Lost Boys! My God! The Lost Boys are back!!!

So I was checking out Superherohype today and I saw a link to the Incredible Hulk trailer at MTV.com. So I watched the trailer and I thought that looks so much better than Iron Man and Batman (and they look pretty awesome as well so that’s a pretty bold statement on my part). I couldn’t help but think There’s nothing that can top this trailer and then I see a link to a Lost Boys trailer and I think Is this an ad for a special edition of the DVD when…fuck yeah! The Feldster introduces the trailer to THE FUCKING SEQUEL!!!

Now this has me in complete and utter fucking SHOCK. I mean, it’s the fucking Lost Boys, one of the greatest movies of the 80s and we’re finally seeing the sequel! My sister and I have waited about nineteen years for Warner to get off their asses and do a sequel and they finally fucking did it!!! And to top it all off…BOTH OF THE COREYS ARE IN IT!!!

I mean, I know both of those actors are pretty cheestastic but still…to have both of them be in the sequel…I was in geek paradise.

But…yeah. I kept thinking about the trailer the rest of the night and thinking about how much ass this movie is going to fucking kick when it comes out this summer! My God this is great news. I think this is even better than that day I found out that Perfect fuckin’ Strangers is now out on DVD (and I’m seriously not being sarcastic).

But…yeah. Here is the trailer: revel in it’s awesomeness. I could watch it seven or eight more times tonight I think.


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