Ultrazord! Ultrazord! By God it’s the Ultrazord!

So I finally got a Titanus figure earlier this week. It’s been about thirteen years but I finally got one. And that means…

Ultrazord time motherfuckers!!!


Finally getting the Ultrazord really means something to me. Story time folks…

I got into the Power Rangers back in December ’94 when I was in the seventh grade. At that time MMPR was in its second season and I was well past the age where that kind of thing was socially acceptable. But I digress… at that point the original Megazord was history. Tommy was the White Ranger and he had the Tigerzord and the Power Rangers had upgraded from Megazord to Thunder Megazord. You could still find Megazord, Dragonzord and Titanus in the stores but by then most of the fans were interested in the “upgrades.”

I thought Megazord and Titanus were pretty awesome but I wasn’t really as interested in getting them. Dragonzord, on the other hand, was something I would have loved to get my hands on. I had a couple of chances to get him but my mom would never advance me the dough from my “allowance fund” so I could buy him.

I eventually got the Thunder Megazord and Tor so I was able to at least form the Thunder Ultrazord but…it just wasn’t the same. I couldn’t stop thinking about how awesome it would have been to get the original zords and form Ultrazord.

Enter 2004. I got back into the Power Rangers after I found out that Tommy was going to be in the Dino Thunder series. That made me nostalgic for the good old days of MMPR so I ended up getting a MISB Dragonzord from this online toy store. I got the original Megazord from a Megazord lot on eBay a little after I bought the badass Dragonzord so I was well on my way to getting the Ultrazord but then I, as I usually do, lost interest and…well…there you are.

But it’s all cool though. I bought Titanus on eBay sometime last week and now the Ultrazord is finally ready to clog up space on my shelves and geekify my room even more (and I didn’t think my room could get more geekified at this point but it apparently can).

But…yeah. Here’s Ultrazord. I was just kind of “eh” when I initially put Ultrazord together and it just didn’t give me that geeky fanboy feeling I thought I would get but…after seeing this guy on the shelf…well…I couldn’t help but say “Fuck yeah, it’s Ultrazord.”

So there you go. I finally have a proper Ultrazord. It took me about thirteen years but I finally have one. I’m half tempted to put my Masterpiece Prime or Ultra Magnus in Titanus just to piss of the Transformers geeks who hate the Power Ranger Mecha. Somehow I get the feeling that Prime Ultrazord would be more frightening to them than the possibility of having to shower or talk to an attractive woman.





6 comments on “Ultrazord! Ultrazord! By God it’s the Ultrazord!

  1. The Ultrazord pictures look awesome! I know it’s just a show but the front view of Ultrazord looks indimidating, now I know how the monsters felt staring at the yes of Megazord, Dragonzord, and Titanus with two giant cannons aimed at them. Pretty awesome image you have.

  2. I hate to be all geeky and technical, but dragonzords mouth should be pulled down to reveal a new ultrazord face to cover megazords face.

  3. It’s cool but you are indeed wrong about that. Megazord kept his standard face in Ultrazord mode as exemplified by the pic in this link here (you’ll have to just cut and paste the link).

  4. Man, MMPR was our childhood! It was the reason to be home on time in the afternoon or get up early before school in the morning. I know this, I (like you) didn’t get out of MMPR until I was nearly 15, and from there it evolved into Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Transformers Armada, and all the other cool ass fantasy shit that people really do enjoy. Call me whatever you want, but I know I wouldn’t have the wicked job I have if I’d been so focused on being cool and that damn girl group TLC. Oh, and fuck the Macarena!

    Anyhow, time for a geeks wet dream. My fantasy Ultrazord: Megazords torso, Prime’s head set inside Voltron’s black lion’s mouth and Voltron’s arms, legs from Superhuman Samuri Syber-Squad’s Phormo, give him the fucking Sword of Omens and slap a Thundercats crest on this belt buckle, Wing Zero Custom’s wings (but make them black), slim him up a bit and stand him on Titanus. Yeah, that’s hot!

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