Master Chief! Master Chief! Master Chief! Master Chief! And…er…White…Master Chief!

So I saw 10,000 BC tonight and I thought it was great. A trillion times better than that overrated piece of crap 300 movie.

But…I digress. We went to our local comic book store after the movie and I saw that they had most of the toys from the McFarlane Halo series. While I think some of the monsters and Cortana are cool the toys that really stood out where Master Chief and the two other Spartans. So…in the end…I bought Master Chief and the White Spartan. The red spartan looked really awesome but considering the fact that these guys were all going for $16.99 a piece I just decided to stick with the white spartan and Master Chief. These guys are pretty awesome and I’m really digging them so far and I was happy to get them. I’d like to get a couple more of these guys sometime down the road.





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