Ultra Magnus! Ultra Magnus! Ultra Magnus!

So I was walking through the Target the other week when I saw Nightwatch Prime Ultra Magnus.


I’m not big on buying the endless re-releases of the  Leader Prime movie mold but I had to buy Nightwatch Prime because this is as close as we’re going to get to an Ultra Magnus toy in the movie toy line. And I’m calling this guy Ultra Magnus. I don’t care if the box says Nightwatch Prime. We all know this is really Ultra Magnus with that color scheme.

And Movie Ultra Magnus is pretty badass so far. If you like Ultra Magnus you should definitely buy this guy before the fuckers scalpers do.




You can almost hear Robert Stack now…“I am just a repaint, Prime.”



So I’m not big on repaints but this guy has to be one of the coolest repaints ever. Until Hasbro decides to do a movie Magnus repaint of Prime, this guy will be considered Ultra Magnus in my book. Expect a review of this guy sometime soon as I do think he is more or less the “Holy Grail”of the movie stuff so far.


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