Megazord! Megazord! My God it’s the Megazord!

As you may or may not have noticed, I am indeed a Power Ranger fan (and yes, I do know that puts me on the lower levels of geekdom). Don’t get me wrong though, I do realize how cheesy the show can be so I don’t take it too seriously.

I’m not one of those kinds of diehards that’s “seen every incarnation of the series and has never missed an episode.” I followed the series from the second season of MMPR until the second season of Lost Galaxy (the worst incarnation of the Power Rangers) and then I pretty much retired until I found out that Tommy (the original Green and White Ranger) was going to return to action in Dino Thunder.

I still watch Power Rangers if they have a theme or set of Megazords I find interesting but no, I don’t watch every incarnation of it anymore. It just doesn’t have that campy sense of fun anymore where you know the writers/producers/actors aren’t trying to take it too seriously and I really missed that camp after the writers tried to make it into an angsty, melodramatic, sci-fi superhero serious around the time In Space made it’s debut (In Space is another awful and overrated incarnation of the Power Rangers in my opinion).

But I digress. I, as I stated above, am not a major diehard PR fan but I will watch a series if I like the themes and/or the suit designs and Megazords. And this year’s Power Rangers are looking pretty awesome so far. The newest incarnation of the Power Rangers is called “Jungle Fury” and it’s going to be making its debut tomorrow night. The toys that have been released for the series really caught my attention and it got me interested in PR again for the first time in four years or so. So the other day I decided to pick up the Jungle Fury Megazord and I’m pretty happy with him so far.


Expect a review sometime down the road along with a couple of reviews of other toys I’ve been meaning to review. And for all you Transformers fans out there…don’t worry. I still have more transformers stuff to review. The next review, as a matter of fact, is a toy I consider my “holy grail” from the movie line.


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