Back in ’08 with New Reviews and More Plastic Crack!!!

So I’m sure the one or two of you who check this site regularly are probably wondering if I died or did indeed decide to quit reviewing the “plastic crack.”

As you can clearly see neither one of those assumptions is accurate at this time.

What happened was my parents borrowed the digital camera for a couple of months so I have been without the critical tool I need to review toys. I have the camera back now though and I will hopefully be able to borrow it for the next couple of months so expect more reviews in ’08, my first being the Medicom Spider-Man figure that came out a couple of years ago. Now, I know what you’re saying…”I’ve already read a ton of reviews about Medicom Spider-Man!”

That may be true but this review promises to discuss a rather controversial issue with the figure that other reviewers are often hesitant to tackle. Needless to say it’s an issue that really needs to be discussed more often as it really could make or break the decision for potential buyers to buy our Mr. Parker here.

Also expect a Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End 12” Jack Sparrow review as well as a review of Wal-Mart Masterpiece Starscream.


(Click on the picture above to see it larger and in a better resolution)


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