It’s funny how $20 or $30 really makes the difference…

I was doing some web surfing before bed the other night (and yes I do know how cheesy that term is) and I happened to stumble upon an interesting Seibertron topic. Apparently Wal-Mart isn’t releasing US MP Starscream as a “Black Friday” exclusive after all.


He’s now in stock at several Wal-Marts across the United States and a couple of collectors here and there were able to snag him up.

I was really happy to hear that but I was also concerned because I know how quickly scalpers pounce on the exclusive figures and sell them at ridiculous markups before us “Transfans” have a chance to get them.

And…sadly enough…I was right. I headed over to the ‘ole Crackbay after I saw the forum on Seibertron and I realized that scalpers are indeed selling him at a $120-$150 price even though he retails for $40.

Right then and there I decided that I’m not going to pay $120 or more on the figure and that no figure is worth that to me anymore.

I thought about it for a while later on though and I realized that I actually would be willing to pay $100 for him after all. I wouldn’t pay $120 for him but I’d pay $100 for him.

So it is, as I said in the title, funny how another $20-$30 really makes the difference sometimes.


2 comments on “It’s funny how $20 or $30 really makes the difference…

  1. It is remarkable to me the amount of cash people will dole out on transforming plastic.

    I could never, ever, bring myself to spend triple digits on a plastic piece of crack. Unless it guaranteed getting laid by the supermodel of my choice.

  2. I never thought I’d hear myself say this but sometimes there’s more to life than getting laid, son.

    Actually your comment reminds me of a conversation I had with my friend Toby a couple of years ago. Toby’s into collecting comic books and toys as well.
    I asked him if he could have every single issue of X-Men ever created or one night with Cindy Crawford (and this is Cindy Crawford from the ’94-’95 era when she was in her prime and not the Cindy Crawford of today) and he said he’d rather take the comics. Mike, a mutual friend of ours (a non-fan) just couldn’t believe Toby’s response. He acted as if he were stunned but I understood where Toby was coming from. Having those comics and being able to actually read through them…I couldn’t think of anything more awesome than that. Besides that you could probably sell those for millions of bucks and millions of bucks can give you your choice of the premium supermodel quality ladies.
    Now if it were all of the G1 Transformer figures or one night with Alessandra Ambrosio (the second most beautiful woman in the world IMO)…I would gladly choose Alessandra.

    But in all seriousness, there’s no way around paying $100 for MP Starscream right now unless you want to camp out at Wally World 24/7 and my geekdom does indeed have its limit there. I love Starscream and all but not to those extents. I’d rather just pay the $100 so I can get him without having to do all the nerd work. And I’m fine with paying the $60 markup if it means I don’t have to drive out to Wal-Mart every day and harass the people who work there over and over and over again until they snap and shove an MP Starscream through my chest the way Van Helsing does in Dracula with the stake at the end of every movie.

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