“The Future”

So I got a couple of messages and e-mails from some fans of this site (all two or three of them) and they asked me if I decided to quit doing toy reviews.

If someone asked me that a couple of weeks ago I would have quickly said “no” and that would be the end of it. I really had to think about that question though when I was asked the other day and I eventually said

“Work is really crazy right now and I’ll get back to doing the reviews sometime soon.

And that’s the truth. I thought about quitting the reviews as they do take up a huge chunk of my spare time but I think I’ll get back to doing them…eventually.

I suppose there are a lot of factors that are making me more apathetic about this site than I used to be (a waning interest in Transformers figures, yahoo geocities fucking up my reviews, etc) but I’ll get back into the “posting groove” eventually.

Until then I’m probably going to just focus on my site devoted to Sci-Fi figure reviews as I’ve really been getting back into collecting Star Wars shit.


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