What time is it? It’s Halo time sucka!!!

I’m not like most X-Box owners out there. Why? I’ve never been a big Halo fan. I don’t hate the series but it’s just never really done anything for me. I guess it’s because I like my 1st person shooters to be more vicious and gory like Gears of War (the best FPS game ever in my opinion).

So I’ve never been a big fan of Halo but I have to say that I’ve always really enjoyed the visuals in the three games and I think Master Chief is just a really cool character.

I told myself that I would buy the Halo Edition 360 if I saw it because I really liked the dark green designs for the 360 case and I liked that it came with an HDMI port. So…long story short…I saw the 360 Halo Edition at Costco for $500 and I bought it. I feel a little jerkish for buying the Halo edition 360 (because I feel like I’m robbing some Halo diehard of getting the “upgrade”) but, then again, I am admitting to buying it just because I loathe the traditional 360 white design and I wanted an HDMI port so I should, at the very least, get some points for my honesty, right?

I have to say that the best part of finding this and buying this at Costco is that I only had to pay $144 for it. That’s right, it was $500 but I only had to pay $144. Why? Let’s just say I cashed in on a favor from a business associate of mine. I know that sounds shady but trust me, it was all legit.

At any rate, check out these pics (click on them to see them in a better resolution)







So I really love the new design for the 360. But you know what I love the most about the new 360?


The HDMI port. F**k yeah. I wish the original had one but it didn’t.

So…yeah. I’m really lovin’ the new 360 and the fact that I got it for $144. The only downside to all of this is that I’ll have to transfer everything from my old hard drive to the new one.

This bundle’s worth getting if you have the dough and you want a 360. Hell, this bundle’s worth it even if you own a 360 already. In the bundle you get the Halo Edition 360, the Halo edition controller, an extra “Todd McFarlane wireless Halo controller” that includes a bonus mini Master Chief figure, a Halo edition headset, the official strategy guide for the game, the special edition of the game (the $70 version) and a charge set for your wireless controller (that basically charges your controller so you never need batteries).

It’s an expensive piece of Video Crack (if you don’t have the connections anyway) but it’s really worth checking out.


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