Speaking of the Hall of Shame…

SDCC Exclusive Rodimus quickly comes to mind.

Holy shit does this figure suck. What a waste of money. It might look decent here but trust me, this toy is the worst Transformer I bought since War Within Prime.

His alt mode, thankfully is pretty cool. I think I’ll just keep him in alt mode for the most part.

Expect a more detailed review sometime next week. Maybe. I could get swamped at work like I was this week. I don’t know.


5 comments on “Speaking of the Hall of Shame…

  1. What is it that you don’t like? Admittedly he definitely not worth the inflated insanity of prices people paid for him. Luckily I only paid the $24.99 on Hasbrotoyshop.

    But seriously, it’s basically a repaint of the Alternator Mirage with a different head or the US version of KISS Player Rodimus without the Syao-Syao and fishing rod. Everyone is entittled to their own opinion, but I actually like mine. I mean at least he’s better than the Movie Voyager Megatron, right?

  2. He’s much better than MVM but that’s not that big of an accomplishment as we all know.

    I just don’t like that the toy lacks locking tabs for his back while he’s in robot form (and that’s something I’ll elaborate on in my review).

  3. Yikes. I hope this is not a preview of things to come because your “elaborating” had best be fantastic if you’re looking to try to shoot down one of the most precious artifacts in recent TF memory based on minor backpack kibble already present in the incredibly sexy Mirage figure. It’s got everything almost all the other Alts lack: HUGE amounts of articulation, dead-on G1 accuracy, beautiful alt mode and rubber effin’ tires.

  4. Dude, I appreciate your opinions but you must be smoking some serious crack (and not the plastic kind) if you think this toy’s super-articulated. I mean, he has plenty of points of articulation, sure. I’ll give you that. The articulation, however, is pointless if it just makes his chest and his back pop out of place. And really, is rubber tires anything to brag about when you consider most of the G1 vehicles and Masterpieces have them? And, no offense but I think you would be hard-pressed to find anyone out there who considers Alternators Rodimus to be a “precious artifact.” Just go to the boards and do a search for Alternators Rodimus. Most of the people out there think he sucks ass (and they think Mirage sucks ass as well).

    As for the constructive criticism of my reviewing style…I actually really appreciate that and am not offended by it. Your examples of the more “cohesive” review sites are, however, a little too ridiculous for me to take too seriously. I really don’t see what’s so great about those sites or their owners respective reviewing styles. The only differences between their reviewing styles and mine are that they take their reviews a little too seriously whereas I see these toys for what they are and refuse to discuss each figure like it was a priceless piece of art or brilliant, thought-provoking film or piece of literature. I, as I said above, can see the toys for what they are and refuse to discuss them as if I were discussing the Sistene Chapel or something like that. As Nala, the badass and witty owner/moderator of Plasticcrack.net (the site that inspired me to make this site) says “They’re just fucking toys.”

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