After a long “reviewing absence” I’m back…

I’ve bought a lot of “Plastic Crack” over the summer. More specifically, Transformers crack. I, and I’m not trying to brag here, bought close to forty new Transformers recently.

“So where’s the reviews?” I bet you’re asking. “It seems like you only have one review a week,” I’m sure you’re saying. There’s a reason I haven’t been posting reviews as often as I should and that reason has a name: “Yahoo Geocities.”

Yahoo Geocities, as I’ve said in previous blogs, really sucks ass. I’ve had a lot of issues trying to post photos on the pages that I’ve been working on for my website and that’s why I haven’t just been posting reviews left and right.

Fortunately Yahoo Geocities has finally resolved their issues over images so that’s cool. Here’s the catch though: just when they fix the issues over images they start having problems with their “page heights,” meaning you can’t shrink a page you’re working on once you’ve made it a certain height so your page will look like it’s just going to go on forever if you have any leftover space once you’re done with a review or whatnot.

That’s cool though because I can figure out how to fix those sort of issues easier than I could fix image issues.

So there you go. You’ll be seeing all the reviews I promised over the next couple of weeks. Maybe you’ll even see two or three a week. And with that I give you…

The Alternators Prime Reviewalprowlsmiles.jpg

After working on this for ten or eleven days and dealing with all the image issues I finally got it finished. I encountered the page going on forever thing at the end though so watch out for that annoying glitch.


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