Ah, I love procrastination…

So I’m sure you may have noticed I haven’t updated in a while. As I’ve said before, I’m obviously not dead nor have I abandoned this blog. I’ve just been busy with my day job.

At any rate, I have A LOT of crack to review. I, as I’ve said many times before, need to get the reviews of Energon Scorponok and Shockwave posted. I also need to review some of the latest crack that I’ve acquired. So be on the lookout for reviews of…

G1 Redeco Jazz

Alternators Prowl

Revoltech Ultra Magnus

Redeco Starscream and…

This fucking guy…


Yeah, he has the same awful issues that War Within Prime had (plus a new issue with his legs not really locking tight into place) but I really don’t care. He has to be one of the coolest looking transformer figures ever.



As I’ve said before, there’s nothing more awesome than a figure with the Prime designs and the white/blue color scheme. I, as I’ve also said before, love Prime way more than I’ll ever love Magnus but I still think that UM’s White Prime colors make him look cooler than even Optimus himself. As always, click on the smaller pics here to see them larger and in a better resolution.


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