This is some cool shit…

So as many of you may or may not know, I’m somewhat of an old-school Power Rangers buff in addition to being a Transformers buff.

Tommy, the Green/White/Red/Black Ranger was my hero as a kid. I thought he was awesome and I thought he had the coolest non-transformer Transformer at his disposal (the White Tigerzord).

At any rate, Jason David Frank (the actor who played Tommy) left Mighty ‘Morphin Power Rangers in the middle of the first season and he returned near the end to help the Rangers get their Power Coins back. In between gigs he shot a pilot for a show called “Cybertron” (it actually has nothing to do with Transformers even though it shares the name of their home planet). Cybertron, as you may or may not know, eventually went on to become VR Troopers. JDF was originally set to play Adam Steele in the series but he returned to the Power Rangers after the fans demanded that he make a comeback.

A couple of dudes at Rangerboard posted this unaired pilot presentation and I just thought it was really cool. It was really interesting to see Frank in the Ryan Steele role and it was interesting that his two sidekicks (JB and Kaitlin) didn’t actually appear in the pilot.

Anyway, check it out here:

If you watch the whole thing you’ll notice that Jamie Kennedy shows up at the end. It looks like he was intended to be the “Bulk” of the show.


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