So The Masterpiece Ultra Magnus Review and gallery are up. They aren’t finished, but they are available to check out

So I’ve finished my Masterpiece Ultra Magnus review and I didn’t finish the review, if that makes any sense. I’ve written everything I wanted to write about the figure but I, thanks to the shitty technical errors I’ve been getting from Yahoo Geocities, didn’t get to post all of the pictures I wanted to post.


My review, in other words, is done, but it’s not done because I still want to put some pictures of Masterpiece Prime with Masterpiece Megatron in the review and I haven’t been able to do that. The written review and the pics of Ultra Magnus with movie Prime are ready to be viewed though so you can check that out here. So the review is ready to be viewed but it’s still a work in progress because the Megatron pics with Magnus aren’t uploaded to the review yet. I’ll try and post a link to the finished review sometime tomorrow when I get home from work so you’ll be able to see it with the pics of Masterpiece Megatron.

I fucking hate Yahoo Geocities. If anything sucks ass it’s Yahoo Geocities.


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