So the Ultimate Bumblebee review is up…

So the more detailed Ultimate Bumblebee review is up, as promised. You can read it by clicking on this link. There are a hell of a lot of pictures in the review though so you might want to make sure you’re viewing this shit on a high speed connection and not your grandma’s dial-up.lightsfiller.jpg


7 comments on “So the Ultimate Bumblebee review is up…

  1. Welcome to the site!
    Yeah, I would definitely say that UB is worth the price even if it is “inarticulate.” Everyone goes on and on about how great the Deluxe ’08 Bumblebee figure is but it’s got nothing on Ultimate Bumblebee.

  2. Great review for a great toy. You got me totally convinced and i got out and preordered 2 units from Japan. Have in Robot and the other in Alternate mode. Looks cool together ya. Pity the one in alternate mode has doors that cannot close fully haha

  3. I just bought today the last piece of Ultimate Bumblebee in the Philippines and would like to know how do you transform the front bumper properly. I saw photos of it where the headlights are facing forwards and not like facing downwards like my Bee’s doin’ I hope to receive replies. Thank you.

  4. Bought for my kid yesterday (not sure its for him for for me :)),

    My opinion, a 8 year old kid will have some training to change it to ALT mode.

    Enjoy looking at my son playing it.

    In ALT mode, if you pick up the rear tyre and drop it, you will hear the transformer changing sound.

    BTW good review.

    FYI it ‘s considered as an expensive toy here.


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