My Name is Sean and I’m better than you…

Why, you might ask? I was browsing through Target, feeling a little angry at the damn people for raping the aisles of all things Transformers (all I could find were some Target Exclusive mini-figures that were actually just repaints from the Energon line) when, on the end of an aisle, I found the rarest and most sought-after movie figure that’s out right now.

That’s right bitches, G1 Redeco Starscream…

Now can you dig THAT sucka’??????

Don’t get me wrong here. It’s a decent toy and all but it’s really not that great.

“So why are you excited?” You might ask. I’m excited because this fucker’s extremely rare. I saw one go for over $2oo on eBay a little over a month ago and I’m seriously not kidding. Expect a more detailed review of the figure somewhere down the line.



3 comments on “My Name is Sean and I’m better than you…

  1. People really get into some bad eBay bidding craziness for this stuff. And this isn’t even that great of a figure, really.
    At least you bought it at retail.
    eBay continues to prove day-in and day-out that a fool and his money are soon parted. Must be why I’m broke half the time, but I’d have to kick my own ass for spending $200 on this thing.

  2. Welcome agentmorris!!!
    Yeah, Redeco Starscream isn’t as great as I thought he’d be. I think the Hitler mustache disguised as his mouth is what wrecks the toy for me. While I’m let down that I can’t get $200 for it it is nice to know I can get at least $40 sometime down the line.
    As far as eBay is concerned, I’m as foolish as they come. My Target just gets raped of all the Transformers stuff as soon as it comes into stock so I don’t even bother looking for exclusives there anymore. I’d rather just pay a little more and resort to good ‘ole Crackbay for that. I know I shouldn’t encourage scalping but I really don’t want to be the kind of collector who obsessively stops at the store every couple of hours (or once or twice each day) in hopes of finding the rare shit. I’d rather point, click, and “buy it now.” I paid a lot of money to get Ultimate Bumblebee before everyone else and I’m most likely going to pay out the ass to get the Wal-Mart Masterpiece Starscream but I’d still rather just get it online and pay more than to have to fight some crazy fellow Transfan at the toy aisles for figures.

  3. Pigs will fly before I let scalpers get any of my money. They suck.

    My philosophy is if you don’t get a toy, no sweat. You can’t get everything and there’s always another cool-ass toy on the horizon.

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