Ultimate Bumblebee (sort of) Review

So I just got around to uploading some pics of Ultimate Bumblebee from the digital camera. I’m too tired to write a really detailed review though so I’ll work on that after work tomorrow (maybe). Needless to say it’s an awesome figure even though it’s not articulated at all. It may just be a “gimmick toy” but it’s a hell of a gimmick toy. It’s no RoboSapien but it’s a really good “poor man’s” competitor. And the detail on this baby? The detail is Masterpiece quality, my friends.


This picture really doesn’t do the toy justice. This is really a beautiful display piece and it’s worth the price. As I said above, a more detailed review with a good twenty or so pictures will be posted on my website sometime down the line (and I will, of course, add a link to the review.


2 comments on “Ultimate Bumblebee (sort of) Review

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  2. I just got the UB & unlike almost every other TF fan I never cared much for Bumblebee back when he was a VW so sentimentality was never involved with this purchase, The main reason I got it was because it was 40% off the normal retail price which is a whopping $150 in NZ dollars (which equates to almost half the average weeks wage after income tax) suffice to say I have to be selective when it comes to buying new toys, or wait for sales!
    Anyway, I too was a little frustrated with the articulation but more with the way the modes ‘held’ between transformation. What I mean is after taking it out of it’s packaging & putting it into vehicle mode I REALLY had to struggle to get the individual panels to release. I had to use a frighting amount of force to separate clips & as a result (possibly as I didn’t notice prior) now have small white ‘stress lines’ along the wheel flares. I’m not that bothered by it as I don’t collect with the intention of future re-sale value.
    However, because of the above stated reasons & the fact that I got no real enjoyment from the transformation process (it was scary) & I felt like ‘something’ was about to snap at any moment, I just couldn’t rate this that high as far as a toy goes. It is meant to be a ‘transformer’ after all! But after reading your review I got to thinking, as a TF it ain’t the best by far but as a neat ‘gimmicky’ toy it is pretty cool… & it is a big bugga! But I’m REALLY glad I didn’t pay $150!

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